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    We're off to the world of life insurance with a thorough explanation (concluded next month) on some of the advantages one has with insurance. Of course, the numbers quoted are completely historical but, even by today's standards, Mr. Kingsley is talking about LOTS of money!

Gregg Speed Building, Gregg Publishing Company, 1932, p. 228-230

Letter by Darwin P. Kingsley

                    To our Policy Holders:  I wonder if you know how important you with other policy holders have collectively become in the economic life of the world.  You think of your life insurance as an important factor in your plans for yourself and your families but I doubt whether you yet comprehend what you are actually doing for the world at large.
          I am speaking to you now as a part of the 70 million people insured in all companies in the United States and Canada.  I am speaking to you as part only of the $19 billion that has actually been assembled for the protection of beneficiaries under the $110 billion of coverage that now exists.  Never before in the history of the world have individuals voluntarily, privately, and cooperatively pledged such a colossal sum for mutual protection or for any purpose.
          This coverage exceeds the total resources of all the banks in the United States and Canada including savings banks by about $34 billion.  It is equal to all the resources of all our foundations and endowments for education and research multiplied many times.  Our educational, medical, scientific, and charitable institutions are in the hands of trustees whose  powers are wisely limited by the terms of the instruments on which the trusts rest.  The trustees of these foundations seldom have any very wide discretion as to how funds under their control shall be distributed.  Neither have we.
          Outstanding life insurance ($110 billion) is the greatest trust ever created.  It, too, is managed by trustees.  The trustees are the directors of the various companies with whom continuously sit certain familiar figures.  They are Life, Death, Disability, Necessity, and Old Age.  (Concluded next month)

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