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   Once more, we find how hard work and perseverence pay off. Much like the books from which I learned ot read, shorthand texts taught American values along with shorthand.

Speed Building Simplified, One-Year Course, The Gregg Publishing Company, 1951, 192-195.

With a Background of Failure

            Whenever you encounter a young person who is determined to be somebody, step quickly to one side or you will be trampled on.  Better yet, lend him a hand.
            We have one such person in mind, a girl born in a log hut in a lumber community.  Her parents could neither read nor write.  None of her numerous brothers or sisters ever showed the slightest desire to rise above their poor station in life.  Yet within the being of this one little girl there was a divine spark.        
            She wanted an education.  Her parents were opposed to it, but she ran away to the nearest town where there was a high school.  By working in private homes, mostly for board and room, she got through the four years.  The banker in the little town gave her some encouragement; but when she finished high school and told the banker that she was going to college in the fall, even he thought the obstacle too great and tried to discourage her.
            “I am going to college, no matter what you or anyone else says,” she replied fiercely.
            “But you have no money.”
            “I have $35.  That will take me there.  When I get there, I know I can get by somehow.”
            The banker gave her $50 as a personal gift.  She sent it ahead for tuition and books, “so I’ll not spend it before I get there.”  She had $7 when she arrived in the college town late one fall evening.  A policeman found her sleeping on a park bench.  He told her he was compelled to make her move on, and that, if he found here there again, he would have to run her in.  The next night he found her again.  She had been unable to get a job.  Yes, she had money; but it was too valuable to spend on any foolishness like a bed when it was still warm weather.  So he took her to the station house.
            At the police station she encountered a desk officer who, like the banker, soon learned that he should get out of the way.  And, like the banker, he lent a hand.  He called up the man who owned a local cafeteria.  He promised to help out for a day or two.
            Four years later, this girl was waiting tables at a fraternity house.  At that time she was a senior.  It was customary for the boys to give the waitresses a little present at the end of the school year.  Just before the time to do it, the landlady told them the girl’s story.  Instead of a trifling present, they made up a purse of $100.  The girl broke down and cried when they gave it to her.  No one else ever caught her in a similar moment of weakness.  That day she had just received her grades; she was almost at the head of the class.  She was going to specialize in corporation law.
            I lost track of her after that, and I have always been sorry.  If she is still living, she must be a great success at whatever she is doing.—KVP Philosopher

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Instructions for Self-Dictation Practice:
    Copy and paste the above article into a word-processing document, using double or triple spacing and 12- or 14-pitch type.
    As always, be sure to check your shorthand dictionary for correct outlines before "drilling"!

Dictation Practice:
    Note that the material was counted and recorded for dictation at 100; all other speeds were copied from the 100 take and electronically adjusted and may therefore sound unusual.

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